Sustainable gifting options for festivals

5 Sustainable gifts to options for this festive season

Festive season is always special, filled with lots of laughter with your family and friends coupled with tasty food and fun customs. But what makes it even more exciting is the numerous gifts we give and receive. The curiosity of what's inside the gift box has kept many of us awake at nights. If you don’t relate to this, ask your friend to not tell you what your gift is for a few days and then you'll know what we are talking about!

For some of us buying the right gift is not easy, mainly because we don’t know what and where to look. To make it easier, we have compiled a list of sustainable gifts options in this blog to make this festive season a smooth sail for you!

Let’s explore.

1. Pahadi Local
Pahadi Local is the perfect integration of conscious gifting with beauty and wellness products. They truly embody luxury in simplicity, with their eco-friendly self-care range and fair pricing. They have cold pressed, natural beauty oils, pashmina stole, which is ideal for when the temperature drops, eco-friendly exfoliating scrub and face washes. Gift this to your loved ones and we sure they will be very satisfied!

2. Oorja
They make your every gifting thought count with their passion to create not just lamps, but spaces that glow from within. Oorja’s motto, 'By hand, with heart.', is truly justified by their innovative designs that are sure to light up everyone's day! A perfect gift for anyone who has the knack for rustic lamp sets, coasters and other home accessories.

3. SuRC
Looking to help her embrace sustainable fashion? SuRC is definitely the place to start. Our trendy yet comfortable designs are made with environment-friendly fibre and 100% breathable fabric.

Shop for eco conscious fashion gifts

Choose from the wide range of apparel that come in 10 vibrant hues to gift her because this festive season is about you and the Earth!

4. Raw Nature
We believe that beauty care products should be on everyone's list of gifts just like Raw Nature is on ours! Their eco-conscious range of oils, skin and hair care items are ideal for any occasion. What's even better is that they have combo offers convenient for gifting to your family and friends.

5. Second Wind
Creativity at its best, the Second Wave imbibes the spirit of reviving discarded things into something that finds fresh meaning to you. Their beautiful furniture and interiors are a perfect gift for everyone. Browse their website for quality, vintage sets to adorn your dream house!

Gifting doesn't have to be difficult, all you have to do is follow our list and you are set for this festive season! Do you have any other suggestions or brands you resort to for eco-conscious gifting for all occasions? Feel free to write to us or leave your suggestions in the comments section below!