sustainable top-wear

5 sustainable top-wear one must have in their wardrobe

A sustainable lifestyle implies making every choice keeping in mind the wellness of people and other elements of the planet. Fashion comprises clothes and accessories. Sustainable fashion means brands producing products that do not harm anyone/thing else while its procurement, making, packaging, and even after its disposal. 

Every time you purchase a SuRC garment, you will add 

  • A classic item to your wardrobe which has premium quality, 
  • An apparel which is: 
  1. available in 10 wash-proof colors to pick from
  2. can be stylized in multiple ways, and 
  3. is certified to be 100% biodegradable.   

Here are the 5 sustainable topwear from SuRC that you must have in your wardrobe:

1. My Boyfriend’s T-shirt: Dress up without really dressing up with My Boyfriend’s T-shirt. This half-sleeved, loose and breezy t-shirt is a quintessential item for your wardrobe. You can style with just about anything and keep it chic. No matter how your day shapes, you will always be comfortable. 


2. SOHO Crop Top: This top is a round neck crop top with quarter sleeves. It is a loose-fitting top made up with the gentlest fabric to keep you comfortable. You can pull off an effortless casual date look or break into a sprint. Whatever your mood is, make it stylish with a SOHO crop top.


3. The Everyday Top: No wardrobe is complete without a tank top. The Everyday Top is a classic tank top with a round neck. As the name suggests, it suits your everyday routine. Hitting the gym, lazing in the house, or any casual outing, slip on this top and you are ready to roll!

The Everyday Top

4. The Classic Full Top: A body-hugging, V-neck t-shirt with quarter sleeves is a must-have in your wardrobe. The Classic full top remains crease-free and as good as new after multiple washes too. This top is the best example of sustainability.

The Classic Full Top

5. The Classic Cami: A long, perfect fit, sleeveless yet classy camisole is a wardrobe essential and you will have fun styling The Classic Cami. You can channelize your cool, chic, casual, effortless, or even funky look with this top. Style it with the bottom wear of your shoes with the footwear that sets the tone right and you are ready to rock!


At SuRC, we understand the harmful effects of the fashion industry on the environment. And hence,

  • We meticulously make every product keeping in mind sustainability while keeping the style quotient high. 
  • We make every garment from a certified biodegradable fiber produced by TENCEL in the forests of Austria. 
  • The dyes and colors used during the manufacture of the products are completely eco-friendly. 
  • The garments are ‘made to order’ which means we only make your clothes when you place an order, this helps avoid overproduction of clothes and wastage of resources. 
  • Our clothes are made to last, the colors do not fade and they are comfortable on the skin.

Have you shopped from SuRC yet? Tell us about your favorite sustainable topwear in the comments below.