Who is a minimalist traveler?

Are you a Minimalist Traveler? Here are a few tips!

Imagine the plight of a traveler who has to unload a few of his favourite things at the airport because of luggage restrictions. Haven’t we all been into this situation? On that very day we promise ourselves to never be over indulgent, and stuff less next time to ensure that we do not have to relive this torture. How long did that promise last?

It’s time to make a switch and stop worrying about the things you have to carry and instead concentrate on packing minimalistically and carry sustainable products to enjoy a stress free, fun enhanced trip. Wondering how? Here is a list of hows’ and whys’ of  less is more while you are traveling.  

Benefits of minimal packing

1. Few clothes, one pair of shoes- good to go

This may seem absurd but trust us, going minimalist with your clothes and footwear will help you skip a number of nuisances while you are on travel. Firstly, no digging for perfectly matched socks or shoes because you’ve packed things that look well with everything. Secondly, every dress spells comfort so there is no time lost in deciding what to wear. Thirdly, no extra outfits mean a lighter bag to carry wherever you go. 

2. One backpack or a suitcase

Don't be horrified at our suggestion but consider how easy it would be to surpass the long queue at check-in and directly move on to the security line. It is also easier to carry one bag, be it a bus or a train.

Why should you carry one bag while traveling?

This will save you time and energy both. Traveling light also means no paying extra for bags and avoiding the unnecessary fuss at the baggage claim. Walkout with your suitcase in tow towards the exit as fast as you can.  

How do you do minimal packing?

Here a few pointers to help you pack minimally:

  • Decide what to pack: Start with getting yourself a small suitcase and making a list of must haves for your trip. Be practical and it would serve you well in packing items you don’t need.
  • Pack for the weather: Do keep a tab of the weather forecast of the place you are visiting and pack accordingly. 
  • Eliminate the maybes: The ‘what if’ situation often ends up making the bag heavy with stuff that is not necessarily needed. We often tend to buy clothes we like but end up never wearing them. Avoiding such and unnecessary hoarding saves you the trouble of making a decision while packing your clothes. So eliminate all the maybes and be sure of what you will need on your trip.
  • Versatile clothing: Invest in clothes that are wrinkle free, do not need much wash and serve well on multiple occasions. Sustainable fashion in this regard offers a wide range of outfits that serve well for multiple purposes.
  • Plan your outfits: Plan outfits as per the activities in your itinerary to ensure you have all the essentials and are not loaded with unnecessary items. Planning outfits also helps you to find the perfect footwear that goes with every dress you have packed.

Top sustainable picks for the minimalist travel wardrobe

> Dress - A timeless, classic dress that is perfect for a dinner date as well as the early morning treks is a must have. We love Easy Dress, effortlessly chic that pairs up well with everything.

Where can I get a sustainable little black dress?

> Crop Top- A crop top is an essential you cannot miss out. The laid back comfort, the chic look that our Utility Crop Top offers is the perfect amalgamation that every minimalist swears by.

> Pant- There are infinite ways to team up the cozy pants and their easy styling ensures you can wear the same piece wherever you go all round the year. Try Everyday Pants and you will thank us for sure.

> Henley Top- This cuddly soft basic Henley top is a winter staple you must own for snuggling your way into all those winter countries you are planning to visit.

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Sustainable products to carry on travel

Be a responsible tourist and care for the local environment and culture of the place you are visiting. Minimize plastic waste and try to carry products that are reusable and recycled well.

How are sustainable products useful?

Some sustainable products to keep in mind while travelling are:

  • Reusable bottles: Ditch the plastic bottles and opt for light weight, non-bulky insulated bottles that work well in any weather.
  • Bamboo Toothbrushes: They are easily recyclable and good for the environment as well as your teeth.
  • A microfibre towel that’s fast drying and is less likely to go in laundry every now and then.
  • Eco-friendly sanitary products that help you feel free as well as the environment from the clutches of plastic that ends up in landfills. 

Minimalist packing is a habit that you will have to cultivate. So, do not get frustrated and keep trying till you get it right.