What are the best ways to build an ethical & eco-conscious mini closet

Sustainable dresses you need in your closet

We often worry that while trying to buy sustainable fashion & cutting down on our closet’s carbon footprint, we’d have to give up on clothes that are trendy and contemporary. That’s where a thorough understanding and implementation of a ‘mini closet’ comes to our rescue. A mini / minimal closet helps you distinguish the heaps of clothing that have been lying unused in your cupboard for a long time from the clothes that you require. But this doesn’t mean you have to give up on style, all you have to do is take a minute to slow down and think about your next purchase.

At SuRC we endorse the idea of a mini closet and help you invest in ethical & sustainable clothing that lasts long and never lets you go out of vogue. In this blog, we have compiled a list of 3 everyday, all-purpose dresses that are absolute wardrobe must-haves!

1. Breezy Dress:
A kaftan-style dress never goes out of style, hence we highly recommend our Breezy Dress to be your wardrobe staple. Designed for maximum breathability, this dress helps you find comfort in fashion.

Sustainable dresses that are comfortable and never go out of style

Whether you are looking to pair it with a belt for a sleek look, or use it to layer up when the mercury drops, you can never run out of ways to style this versatile dress. 

2. Easy Dress:
Every wardrobe needs a t-shirt dress, and what is better than an eco-friendly t-shirt dress that is also wrinkle-free? Our Easy Dress provides comfort like no other, and can paired easily with accessories of your choice. It is available in 10 vibrant colours to match all your moods.



These eco-conscious dresses will redefine your mini closet | SuRC

For those days you want to dress up without really dressing up, this is the ideal choice for you!

3. Going Out Dress:

Be it a glamorous night out or a casual outing, our Going Out Dress is your perfect outdoor companion. This body hugging dress with a round neck is made to accentuate your curves so that you can be the best version of yourself everyday. What's even better is that the Lyocell fibre is so soft on your skin that it almost feels like satin.


Looking for ethical & sustainable dresses that are trendy? | SuRC


Throw on your favorite pair of heels or sneakers and you are ready to rock the world!

You don’t have to deliberate between comfort and chic with SuRC’s collection of versatile and made-to-order dresses. Our products are only manufactured after the order has been placed, which ensures zero wastage and less burden on our environment. 

Be an eco-champion, choose SuRC!

If you have any other sustainable dresses that have made their way into your mini closet and resonate with you the best, feel free to write to us.