Sustainability, in simple terms, is defined as the ability to meet one’s needs without compromising the needs of the future generations. It is a way of life that encourages an individual to live their life to the fullest with the requisite resources and without harming the environment now or in the future.

According to a UN Environment 2019 report, the fashion industry accounts for 8-10% of global carbon emissions. This is more than all the carbon emissions emitted by all international flights and maritime shipping combined.

At SuRC, we understand the harmful impact on the environment. Which is why we take adequate measures to ensure that we lead the way in the industry for our consumers and the planet by championing‘Sustainability’. We strive to include environmentally responsible ways in every aspect of our business.

Sustainable measures taken by SuRC

After an extensive research, we implemented various measures to reduce our carbon footprint & help our customers become environmental advocates with their closets. Here are some of them:

01Biodegradable fiber
The TENCEL™ fiber used in our apparels is derived from sustainable wood grown in sustainably managed forests in Austria and its neighboring countries. The fiber manufactured by renowned company Lenzing is harvested from certified and controlled sources following stringent guidelines. The fiber is certified to be compostable and biodegradable.
02Environmentally responsible production process
Our entire fibre production process is a closed loop system which ensures that the waste generated doesn’t pollute the water and land. The unique process recovers and reuses solvents which furthers helps to minimise the environmental impact. The entire production process also ensures that resources like energy and water are not wasted at any stage. We also refrain from using harmful chemicals that can pollute the water bodies.
03Eco-friendly dyes and chemicals
We use eco-friendly dyes and chemicals manufactured by world’s leading manufacturer. The company known for achieving its every sustainable goal, makes continuous efforts to reduce waste, carbon emissions and energy consumption.
04Made To Order
We aren’t advocates of fast fashion which encourages production of high volume of garments. These clothes replicate trends and are hardly worn before they are dumped for the next trend.
At SuRC, we care for the environment and to reduce utilisation of resources and subsequent wastage have decided to not mass produce our garments. We only manufacture ‘made to order’ apparels.
05Made to last
Each garment at SuRC is made of premium quality to make it last longer. We guarantee that our products won’t lose their shine, color or quality after a couple of washes like most of the available clothes in the market. This means that instead of buying the same clothing multiple times a year, you will now just have to shop for it once and wear it for a couple of years before it wears out.

Our products are breathable, flexible, gentle on the skin and manage moisture efficiently.
06Thoughtful packaging
Usually, a lot of plastic is used during packaging of products. Hence we have taken sincere efforts to use recyclable and environment friendly packaging while packing and shipping our clothes.

It is widely believed that sustainable products are always costly. At SuRC, we bust that myth everyday by producing high quality sustainable garments which cost 30% less than our counterparts in the market.