Classic High Waist Pants

Rs. 2,500.00
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Adding style to your everyday wear.

At SuRC, we believe that whether you are relaxing at home or hustling, you should do it in style. This is why we make apparels that resonate with the everyday you and help you look uber stylish all day long. Imbibed with this philosophy we have made our Classic High Waist Pants.

Available in 10 monochromes, the Classic High Waist Pants define casual chic with their stretchable waist bands and well defined cuffs. Apart from giving their counterparts a run for their money, our Classic High Waist Pants are soft on the skin and cozy just like a hot cuppa on a winter morning.

How can you style it?
You can pair it with our Everyday Top for casual outings during the summer or our long Modest top to ward off the cold during the winter. The pants team well with both heels and sneakers.

How do you give back to nature?
What also sets them apart is that they are 100% eco-friendly which means they contribute zero waste to the environment. The fiber used in the production is world renowned to be sustainable and so is the Huntsman dye which keeps the color intact even after multiple washes.

If you are an environment champion or know one then you must order our comfy Classic High Waist Pants today.

We create fashion that looks good and stays for a longer time.

Instead of shopping more frequently, we have a 'made to order' policy, which means that we only manufacture after the order has been placed. Yes, that does mean you will have to wait a little longer than usual to receive your order, but believe us, it's worth-it-all.
The products are made with premium quality yarn and hence last longer than any other apparel. Since the products are made with wood pulp, they are 92-95% biodegradable (the TENCEL™ lyocell part is 100% biodegradable). This ensures that even though once they are not deemed fit to wear, they will naturally degrade and not harm the environment post disposal.

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