My Boyfriend's Tshirt

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Oversized Tshirt

Want to dress up without really dressing up?

This half sleeved, long t-shirt is the epitome of comfort. Loose and breezy, My Boyfriend’s Tshirt is a quintessential item for lazy days. This all purpose t-shirt is made of TENCEL™ Lyocell, which is well-suited for summer fashions as this fibre stays cool, is breathable, and highly moisture absorbent.

How can you style it?

Pair it with our Classic High Waist Pants for a workout or our Apple Bottom Shorts to run those emergency errands. Have a date? Tuck this oversized tshirt into your favourite skirt, put on some cutesy earrings and you are good to go! Whatever be the occasion, experience absolute comfort with this t-shirt, look your very best and carry on with your day in a state of complete relaxment!

How are you giving back to nature?

Fabric made of TENCEL™ Lyocell fiber is incredulous and requires nominal chemical processing. Super gentle on the skin, it has excellent dyeing properties and is friendlier to color than other materials. It is environmentally responsible due to its low ecological footprint!

So don’t wait to look good and do good simultaneously. Pre-order now and shop this cozy oversized t-shirt in 10 stunning colors!

We create fashion that looks good and stays for a longer time.

Instead of shopping more frequently, we have a 'made to order' policy, which means that we only manufacture after the order has been placed. Yes, that does mean you will have to wait a little longer than usual to receive your order, but believe us, it's worth-it-all.
The products are made with premium quality yarn and hence last longer than any other apparel. Since the products are made with wood pulp, they are 92-95% biodegradable (the TENCEL™ lyocell part is 100% biodegradable). This ensures that even though once they are not deemed fit to wear, they will naturally degrade and not harm the environment post disposal.