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Round neck loos crop

Crop Top, No Fuss, SOHO Crop

This versatile cropped top deserves a spot in your wardrobe, like no other piece of clothing.

Be it a trip to the mall, a meetup with friends, or time for a workout this SOHO Crop is the answer to it all. Made from TENCEL™ Lyocell fibre, this tee has been tailored to keep you a step ahead of heat and humidity. It has an extremely breathable texture to it and is highly moisture absorbent, making it your perfect summer companion! The feel of the cloth is beyond anything you can imagine as it is softer than cotton itself, while being antibacterial in nature, rendering it perfect for sensitive skin.

How can you style it?

Flaunting that casual, yet chic look has never been easier! With its quarter sleeves, comfortable round neck, and loose fitting, this cropped top is as multifaceted as any. You can pair it with our Classic High Waist Pants for an unworried workout or don it with our Apple Bottom Shorts for a casual outing. Need to be at someplace fancy? Accessorize this t-shirt with your favourite adornments and have all eyes on you!

How are you giving back to nature?

TENCEL™ Lyocell is a 100% biodegradable fibre and utilises 50% of the water cotton does when in production. It is made primarily from eucalyptus trees and 95% of the chemicals used in it’s production can be either recycled or reused. Dyed with eco-friendly pigments and available in 10 dazzling colors, this product earns a spot in your closet and deservedly so.

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Instead of shopping more frequently, we have a 'made to order' policy, which means that we only manufacture after the order has been placed. Yes, that does mean you will have to wait a little longer than usual to receive your order, but believe us, it's worth-it-all.
The products are made with premium quality yarn and hence last longer than any other apparel. Since the products are made with wood pulp, they are 92-95% biodegradable (the TENCEL™ lyocell part is 100% biodegradable). This ensures that even though once they are not deemed fit to wear, they will naturally degrade and not harm the environment post disposal.